Everyone needs a little support, right...?

From cottage industries to large corporate companies, we have the tools and the talent to support you in a marketing kinda' way.  You might be a business start-up looking for guidance with your marketing strategy or you might be an established business hoping to evolve and grow to reach new prospective customers.

We offer all the traditional and digital marketing tactics you would need and our copywriting skills are second to none.

It's now estimated that half the worlds' online population are using Facebook so it's crazy not to represent your business with at least one of the key social media players. But, with a business to run, when are you actually going to find the time to say the right things at the right time or create a cover image that will look great across all devices, to stop them stalking one of your competitors instead? (oooh! they are fickle). What do you say? What do your stalkers (sorry, I mean "friends" and "followers") want to hear?

What if they want more than a 240 character status update? What then?!

me&em can help you win hearts and minds with stellar marketing ideas, engaging copy and creative social media content